Landscape Design and Installation

Exterior spaces should be the expression and extension of your architecture and living style.

Art Creations Landscape and Irrigation is much more than just a landscape company. We specialize in Professional Custom design and installation. We will not only design the space of your dreams, but will create it from start to completion!

Whether you're designing a house, home interior or a landscape, certain principles are always taken into consideration.
A landscape designer can help you with scale & proportion, balance, color, texture, composition, function and the construction of your project. Take anyone of these elements out of the design and the composition may seem haphazard.

Landscape design is probably one of the most complicated facets of design because of the dynamic nature of the landscape. Selecting the proper plants, bloom sequence, soil types, available light, maintenance requirements and so on, are difficult tasks that an experienced designer can help you with. A successful designer can pull all of this together. Here at Art Creations Landscape, We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process.

 Some of our services include:

• Innovative Landscape Design and Installation
• Creating Eco-Friendly Landscapes
• Outdoor Kitchens
• Outdoor Living and Entertainment Areas
• Custom Water Features: ponds, pool, waterfalls, etc.
• Irrigation Systems (sprinklers, fertigation )
• Drainage Solutions
• Landscape Lighting
• Arbors, Purgolas, Fences

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